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A penny for your thoughts, one for every year leading to this unforgettable birthday. This solid silver half-dollar keyring dates from the year of your birth -- it’s made from an original 1965 Kennedy 50-cent piece. Happy 50th!

50-50 Keyring


This limited edition half-dollar keyring is solid silver, made from an original 1965 Kennedy 50-cent piece. What better way to mark an unforgettable 50th birthday -- 50 cents for 50 years, from a coin minted 50 years ago. The hand-crafted disk is slightly domed to highlight the etchings on the coin: the outer side shows a profile of JFK and is inscribed with “Liberty. In God We Trust. 1965” while the inner side shows the Eagle Crest and bears the inscription “United States of America. Half Dollar.” The stainless steel ring is approximately one inch in diameter.  Add $25 for sterling silver ring.

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