50wishes has five founders, all recently turned 50.


Karen Warshaw - jeweller, designer, and event planner - is the creative force behind 50wishes: "As I approached my 50th birthday, I couldn't shake the feeling that something special was happening. People I hadn't seen in years were calling to re-connect, and other friends also turning 50 were talking about the birthday as a time when they, too, wanted to renew friendships, to think about the past and look forward to the future.

"I became so aware of the significance of turning 50 that when I went shopping on-line I found myself wishing for one place just for 50th birthday gifts that celebrate this special event."

It was the creative spark that brought five friends together to start a new adventure. And so 50wishes was born.

Bringing a strong business focus to an inspired idea is Dana Rath, who has held senior management positions in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries: "This seemed like a good point in my life to start something of my own, and an on-line store for baby boomers like me was a perfect match. It's such a thrill when a customer selects a gift that you would like yourself...you can identify with both the giver and recipient."

Kell Warshaw, systems analyst and industrial designer, is the 50wishes resident tecchie. Oh yes, and he's married to Karen. Artist Gail Mendonza and writer Donna Nebenzahl round out the team.

We offer you our commitment to this fascinating venture, both as a business and as a celebration of an outstanding event. Here's to turning 50.