Rock 'n' Bowl

Bring back vinyl, and memories of those heady days, in the form of a bowl made from an original vinyl record and bona fide classic of the 70s. Record labels are laminated to protect from damage and moisture. 12-inch disc forms bowl.


Each bowl is made from an original vinyl 33 RPM LP, heated and formed to shape. The records are specially chosen to bring back memories for anyone turning 50...every one is by a well-known artist of the late 60's or 1970's. A few examples (record bowls selected randomly from our stock when shipped):


Bob Dylan | Frank Zappa | The Rolling Stones | The Who | The Beatles | The Grateful Dead | Eric Clapton | Jimmy Hendrix | Janice Joplin | Jefferson Airplane | Woodstock | Led Zeppelin | Jethro Tull | David Bowie | The Doors

Every gift comes with a card describing the inspiration behind it. Read story card text
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