50-50 Pendant

This limited edition half-dollar pendant is solid silver, made from an original 1967 Kennedy 50-cent piece. What better way to mark an unforgettable 50th birthday -- 50 cents for 50 years, from a coin minted 50 years ago. The hand-crafted pendant is slightly domed to highlight the etchings on the coin: the outer side shows a profile of the JFK and is inscribed with "Liberty. In God We Trust. 1967" while the inner side shows the Eagle Crest and bears the inscription "United States of America. Half Dollar."  Silver plated snake chain is 18" long. Add $29 for sterling silver snake chain.


We regret that the 1966 pendants are sold out
Also available at special prices: 1963 and 1959 Ben Franklin coins

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0.25 lb
13 × 12 × 1 in